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Unique Women's clothing store offering Missy to Young Lady!   

Won't find another store like it!


Ms Alexander is a unique womens clothing store. We offer clothes for all ages, purses, jewelry and more. At Ms Alexander we are also having Ladies Nights as well as Private shopping for groups of women who would like a more intimate shopping experience. please call if you have any questions.

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Mary Frances Handbags

Mary Frances has twice been named as one of America's fastest-growing, privately-owned companies by INC. Magazine. Mary Frances has also received the Accessory Designer of the Year award at the Dallas Fashion Awards; was acknowledged as "star of the show" during Paris fashion week for two consecutive years, and received the prestigious Best Design award in Milan for her 2013 and 2014 collections.


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                 Skin Care

Seacret brings you the most advanced formulation and integration of one of nature's true gifts, the Dead Sea. Every Seacret product contains exclusive Dead Sea minerals and advanced, patented technologies that are clinically proven to deliver immediate results to your skin.

We're a team of dedicated individuals who love what we do. Contact us to learn more!